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I wanted to take a moment and say Thank You, from the bottom of my heart, for all you have done for Kim. When she first came to you she was a broken, lifeless person. She has come a long, long way with your guidance. Very few people have ever known the majority of her issues/pain and I believe that you are one of those people. You genuinely care about her and for that I am grateful. She is so much stronger now and so successful. She has achieved two of her lifetime goals within the past two years… her career and her VW Beetle. Without you I wouldn’t have my best friend today. Again, Thank You!

Dear Amal,
I just wanted to drop off a note to say that I recognize that there may not be any perfect people in the world or perfect days or perfect answers – but I have found your advice to be perfectly helpful. Thank you so much for helping me see things so much clearly, listening without judgment, and giving me hope that the dawn will soon break through the darkness.

Dear Amal,
The women’s retreat, what an uplifting and eye opening experience! Meditation was very peaceful and relaxing. Afterwards, I felt calm and deserving of inner peace. My mind and body rejuvenated. Images of the past that haunted me began to fade. It made me feel resilient, strong, courageous and hopeful. Breath Work was something we never allow ourselves as busy women. Cleansing deep breaths are so important to our body and soul. Music Work, moving to the music with our eyes closed was a wonderful way to release emotional energy, moving until you become one with it. Chanting was so empowering! I came away each time with a sense of “Who I Am”, a unique, complex person, exploring my inter-most thoughts. Psychodrama was a brilliant way to rid ourselves of images from the past that haunt us. I liked that we could support each other, no judging, just unconditional human compassion. I was able to relate to everyone there, feeling a little bit of each person’s struggle and pain. The above listed is just a small sample of our work. I came away from the experience with a sense of peace and understanding. I feel that I can change my outlook more than I ever thought I could. My sense of spirit soaring to new heights! I cannot wait to do it again and learn even more about myself and how to live life here in the present! I am still learning new things since the last time, but I need a refresher! I wish we could do it monthly. Thank you ever so much for convincing me to give it a try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Pam B. – Temperence, MI

Dear Amal,
I would like to thank you for the wonderful retreat. I left feeling like a ton had been lifted off my chest and soul. I know it's a lot of hard work, planning and time away from your own family, but I hope you know what you do, make a lot of difference in peoples' lives. A mere thank you doesn't seem adequate, but from the bottom of my heart I do thank you! I also really enjoyed the group of women. They were very supportive to each other, but fun also! We laughed a lot!!
Sally - Monroe, MI
Dear Amal,
I would like to express my sincere thank you to you for taking time out of your busy life and a weekend away from your family to put on the retreat. The work was most helpful for me to be able to move on, soar for happier days ahead. The Weber Center was wonderful, beautiful, restful, and the food was great. I will not forget it for a long time. I keep remembering when I start feeling a little down, my life is the same right now, but "I am not the same!" And take deep, cleansing breaths!! Thank you again!
Sally - Ida, MI
As always "I Thank You" for your time and vision. I am feeling rejuvenated, positive, and I am breathing a whole lot better. You are a very special Lady. I thank God for sending me your way!!
P.S. Mandy is also so awesome. Thank you for letting us get to know her!!
Sally R. - Monroe, MI
Dear Amal,
I look so forward to my appointments with you. And the retreats...heavenly! I've had the opportunity to meet some really great gals. I've gained strength from each one of them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Nancy - Monroe, MI

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me. Many blessings!
Charlene - Monroe, MI

The Leader of Women of Power! You really make a difference. The lines of communication are opening! I truly feel powerful...
Karen and Gerry - Monroe, MI
After going to the women's retreat in Canada several times, I have learned more about myself than I ever imagined I could. The last one in November was the most amazing. The past life regression and rebirthing made me realize that the events of our past lives connect us to our present. I left there feeling I wanted to experience more. I tell anyone that will listen about my experience. Your soul will be touched, not only by your own work but by the connection you feel with the other wonderful women. Amal, there are not enough words to say thank you. We all see that this is not just a job to you. Thank you for all the time and energy you put into helping us heal our past and present wounds. Thank you for making me see that my journey through life is worth taking.
Karen R. - Monroe, MI

I have attended several powerful events with Mrs. Butler and have walked away from each gaining slightly more insight into myself and others.  The first gathering of her woman’s group began, and honestly, I felt nervous.  I didn’t know what to expect and because I tried to not have any expectation at all, I was very pleasantly surprised.  When I arrived back home, I felt like a brand new person… Everyone at work commented on how refreshed I looked and the feeling from the retreat lingered with me for months.  I was positive and motivated.  The layers of guilt that I had surrounded myself with were peeled away and most importantly, left behind.  Releasing the baggage that had weighed me down for long was a huge relief.
About 2 years later, Amal lead me through a past life regression hypnotherapy session.  I was still having some issues with current relationships and felt as if something from my past was involved.  I was able to vividly remember things from my recent childhood; things that I would’ve never remembered otherwise.  The further back I tried to remember, the further I went under hypnosis and was able to have actually memories of my previous life.  It was shocking at first, but Mrs. Butler’s gentle demeanor allowed me to not only stay calm but to explore further into my past. 
These remarkable experiences have given me the tools I needed to make positive changes in my life.
Sheila G. - Monroe, MI

Dear Amal,
There aren't enough words to describe the kind of mental and "physical" help you have given me. When I came to you, my life was in such turmoil that I couldn't deal with it anymore. There have been many ups and downs and a bit of a rough journey, but your guidance has sent me back on track. The one-on-one sessions and retreats have given me much peace of mind and tools with which I can help myself. I hope anyone with emotional problems would give you a chance to help them. Thanks again.
Karen J. - Monroe, MI
Dear Amal,
My experience with past life regression was the most amazing and powerful event I’ve ever participated in. This adventure will stay with me for the rest of my life.  Who knew I could learn so much about my present self, by visiting a few of my past selves? Thank you so much for opening my mind, body, and soul. You are wonderful! I look forward to many more sessions with you.  Peace and love.
Emily - Monroe, MI
Dear Amal,
Your recent presentation at the Monroe County Library Systems "All Staff Day" was WONDERFUL!!! Your presentation on "Stress Management" was very well received. On evaluations, collected at the end of the morning, staff comments included "I learned some new breathing techniques" and "The stress management session taught me how to relieve stress" and "I will use the meditation techniques I learned, especially on days when work really stresses me out." And my favorite "STRESS MANAGEMENT!!!!! Just in time."
As an employee of the Monroe ounty Library System, I would like to thank you for the time you spent with us on December 11. Thank you for sharing your professional knowledge with our staff. It is the people of the community we serve that often teach us the most. Again, thank you!
Jane M. Steed, All Staff Day Chairperson
Community Librarian, Monroe County Library System
Frenchtown Area Libraries
I came to Amal with marital issues and my wife and I were able to open up with other couples. It has helped us tremendously.
Bob - Monroe, MI
Group with Amal helped me realize we weren't the only ones with certain problems. It helped teach us to communicate. It also brought out some things each of us didn't know were problems.
Karen - Monroe, MI
Group with Amal was good for me regarding expressing my anxiety and anger toward my family and husband. I am now working on talking out problems more.
Barb - Monroe, MI
In couples group with Amal I have learned that I am too closed in and will not let my feelings out. I have learned to talk to my wife and enjoy it.
John - Monroe, MI
I have learned to listen and communicate with my wife better after group with Amal. It also has helped me express my feelings easier and not bottle them up.
Steve - Monroe, MI
The group with Amal has helped me understand what my husbands needs are. I never really listened or validated his needs. We have been talking and are able to communicate what we need from eachother.
Theresa - Monroe, MI
When I came to group with Amal, I was suffering from anger, frustration, anxiety, and at the end of my rope and hope. This group has helped me learn how to express myself without getting angry and to talk when something is bothering me instead of stuffing my feelings.
Roxann - Monroe, MI
Since coming to group with Amal, my wife and I are taking the time to talk calmly and with understanding. I believe this wouldn't have happened if not for this group counseling.
Michael - Monroe, MI
Having Bipolar, I have trouble getting along with others. The group sessions with Amal has helped me understand my problems with anger.
Anthony - Monroe, MI
Since I started the group meetings with Amal, I have a better understanding of my husband's Bipolar and my anger with him and my depression over his disorder.
Judy - Monroe, MI
The examined life, to me, is less like the layering of an onion; more like an archeological dig (not referring to my age of 77 years).
Before becoming a part of Mrs. Butlers' therapy sessions and linking with other, younger women I tended to gropple alone with external pressures as best I could but I've learned to turn my reflective moments into a deep soul search and have discovered the inner strength we all have. That's core strength.
Added to that, the deep breathing, spiritual connectedness, natural (or serene) setting for our retreat, our chanting, psychodrama and our first healing together is like no ther experience.
I especially favor the Fire Ceremony which symbolizes the burning away of the problems of the past and requires us to focus with its opportunities, challanges and ABUNDANT life. Abuntant life; is that not Biblical?
Thank you Mrs. Butler and Christ.
Joyce A. - Monroe, MI
Dear Amal,
I've enjoyed and look forward to attending your monthly stress management class. It has truly changed my life and I am sure many others. It's the one time a month I get a chance to Relax, Relate and Release!!
Tonya C. - Monroe, MI
I have attended 4 or 5 stress classes with Amal. I really feel I have gained some valuable tools to reduce stress. Each session I have improved. I finally feel I am getting more from the sessions.
Nancy D. - Monroe, MI
The stress reduction session time is a great benefit just to release any stress of the everyday world.
Barb L. - Monroe, MI
The stress reduction sessions are VERY effective and surely MUST be known to be a vital part of both physical and mental well being.
Joyce - Monroe, MI
Have you ever been so stressed that the scale of 1-10 is not enough? I have. Then I came to Mrs. Butlers' stress relief session and left the group withj a stress level of zero. She helps many people focus and deal with problems when they don't have the means to deal otherwise.
Karen J. - Monroe, MI
The stress reduction sessions have been so much a part of my inner healing, it keeps me going in between visits. I highly recommend these sessions.
Mary L. - Monroe, MI
The stress reduction sessions are so powerful and beneficial. The group synergy is palpable, and the time flies by. I wouldn't miss these opportunities for the world.
Ann O. - Monroe, MI

Since I began coming to the stress reduction classes led by Amal, I have found that I am able to calm myself when I begin to feel a panic attack coming on. I am now often able to ward off an attack alltogether. I always feel better as I leave than I did coming in.
Katie C. - Monroe, MI


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