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Women's Retreat...


To let go is not to regret the past, but to grow and live for the future to come...
To let go is not to adjust everyday to my desires, but to cherish each day as it comes...

An exploration in our belief system, and how they affect our lives, will begin. We will work with the following:
• Conscious connected breathing techniques to increase self awareness and release physical and emotional stress.
• Explore the body and its blocks and boundaries through movement in process exercises.
• Uncover and release emotions, learning more about how they affect your mind and body.
• Open to healthy vibrant abundant life and experience your full potential.
• Rein act the past and connect your inner core to a higher power with Psychodrama. It is also useful in helping the individual to express unexpressed feelings and to find and practice new ways to change unsatisfying situations in life.
• Connect to a higher power with Chanting. Regular chanting gives us confidence, joy and satisfaction, and increases devotion within us. This devotion is really a power. It is called the Power of Devotion. It energizes our life in general.
• The Intuition Walk allows you to hear the voice within.
• Burn the old and start a new beginning and invite new ideas into your life with the Fire Ceremony.
• Modela Expression Sharing is where you will draw the images of what you see in your mind after completing the retreat exercises.

Join us as we explore, expand, and heal. This workshop is designed around a framework that allows you to work at your own individual level and address the issues appropriate for you. The focus is experimental and includes an emotional process, exercises, movement, music, and breath sessions.


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