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Renew The Love And Joy
In Your Relationship

It's hard to watch as the relationship that used to bring love and happiness now brings more and more pain and insecurity. I help couples learn to communicate effectively, have greater intimacy, and create the relationship they have been yearning for.
Many people believe that they should intuitively know how to have a healthy relationship and thus think that seeking help from a therapist means they are weak or crazy. Not so! The truth is that most of us learned relationship skills unconsciously from how our parents treated each other and us. Many of these skills are out dated or destructive. The most intelligent people recognize when they are stuck and need help and are willing to confront their fears and discomfort to learn new skills to correct the problem. Working with a therapist is the most courageous act you will make for yourself and your relationship.

Life is too short to live in so much sadness, make an appointment now.

You are not alone in your struggles. All relationships go through 3 phases: the honeymoon phase, the power-struggle phase, and contentment. To get to contentment you have to successfully navigate the power-struggle phase. This is where most relationships end. Couples counseling helps you navigate through the struggles while staying connected and committed to one another.

Marriage counseling is not about re-hashing old fights. Looking at current conflicts and repeated patterns quickly reveals the deeper issues. Each partner will gain an understanding of their own and each other’s triggers. This will enable a deeper respect and empathy for the struggles you are both sharing. By understanding what each other’s “buttons” are you can learn to work through issues instead of getting into fights.

Many people ask if you have to be married to seek couples or marriage counseling. The answer is no. I help couples who are at all stages of a relationship: just starting out, living together, engaged (pre-marital counseling), married, considering divorce, or in the process of divorcing. No matter what stage you are in, learning these new skills will enrich your life

Do we need therapy?

you may need marriage therapy...

If you or your partner is:           

  • Fighting almost every day
  • Holding resentments
  • Fighting over nothing
  • Lying to get out of an argument
  • Fighting over sex
  • Fighting over money and finances
  • Having an affair

Do you ask yourself...

  • Why can't he see that I am exhausted and need help with the kids tonight?
  • Why do I have to point it out and ask him to do it?
  • Why do I feel like I am on a rollercoaster?
  • Why do I always feel as if I have to tiptoe around my partner?
  • Doesn't he "get it?" I do everything around here. I am just too exhausted to have sex tonight!


  • Why is it such a big deal that I want to go out with the guys or girls?
  • Why do we always have to be together?
  • Can't she/he understand that we need to save money for retirement instead of always living "in the moment?"
  • Why is she/he always turning me away and rejecting me when I ask for sex?
  • If she doesn't stop nagging me, I'm gone!
With divorce rates above 50% in the United States do not hesitate to call today.


Why continue to drown in an unhappy relationship? Now is the time to learn how to manage your life, discuss sensitive topics positively, and learn how to build the relationships that you truly want. You have the right to enjoy fulfilling and happy relationships. You have the right to thrive instead of merely survive!

I have assisted married and divorcing couples, families and individuals for years. I address numerous concerns, including marital problems, family conflict, parental issues, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, and aging issues such as empty nest adjustment, to name a few. I am passionate about my work in the fields of individual counseling, couples counseling, and family counseling. I am very respectful of the notion that it takes great courage to embark upon a path of personal growth and change.

You can create change in your life and overcome difficult, seemingly overwhelming obstacles. Remember that seeking help is not a sign of weakness, but one of true courage. I want to help you to thrive, not just survive. Call me now as a first step toward taking back your life! 

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